Sasha Rodovsky

Alexander Rodovsky was born in Birobidzhan town, lived in Samara, and nowadays he is a Muscovite, a talented and perspective musician. Alexander Rodovsky is known for his performances in Tolyatty city at Jazz music festivals named after Oleg Lundstrem. His band "U"jazz" by name won Best music ranks in 2002 and 2003. In 2006, having graduated from the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, the jazz faculty, the guitar class, Alexander passed the training in the program "Open World", the USA Congress Library. There he gave performances in a quintet together with jazz masters Tuti Hit, Michael Alfred Tracy, Jamey Aebersold, Jimmy Hit, Persi Hit.
In 2006 Rodovsky won the grant for studying in Barkley College branch - Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary, located in Israel, and at the same time he studied management and foreign languages at Open University. The studying lasted for a year. Having finished studying (September 2007) he returned to Russia and moved to Moscow. Thus Alexander started to perform in Sergey Manukyan's concerts, also quite often he performs in musical evenings organised by the legendary guitarist, the national actor of Russia Alexey Kuznetsov, where he plays in various duets and trios.
From 2007 Alexander Rodovsky becomes a sessional musician and a soloist in the recording studio. Alexander plays with various musicians and bands, such as: Timur Vedernikov, Pavel Fahrtdinov and Co, JukeBox Trio, Timur Rodriguez, Sergey Voytenko and Non-Stop Quartet, Blues Band Doctor Nick, Country singer Irina Surina, Andrey Kozlovsky, Laung Project Milla Rocket, Sergey Manukyan, Ivan Smirnov, Dmitry Maloletov, Dmitry Tchetvergov, Igor Butman, Alexey Romanov (Voskresenye Band), Temur Kvitelashvily (Georgia), Inver Izmaylov (Ukraine), Antonio Forcione (England), Ulises Rocha (Brazil), Anton Makarsky and with many other performers.
In 2009 Alexander is invited to work in "Comedy Club production" and starts to act in TV projects "No Rules Laughter", "Crushing League", "Crushing Night", and "Comedy Club". He composes music for films and theatre performances. At the moment his first solo album, consisting of exceptionally the author's compositions, is going to be released. Also Alexander is a frequent guest of various concerts and cultural events of Moscow. He plays such styles as Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Rock, Rap, Country, Folk, Latin (Music of Spain, Brazil), and Classic.





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